Two Fundamental Questions

Two Fundamental Questions

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Two fundamental questions, both evaded respectively by Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, now need answering for those of us undecided over which way to vote.

World renowned economics Professor Leslie Young analysed the currency issue concluding for business the best solution was to stay as we are, but if the will of the Scottish people took us to a Yes vote, currency union was by far the best solution for UK and Scotland but it would cost.

Given its business and their success that funds Government and the free education, healthcare and prescriptions we all absolutely support then can we afford the costs?

But the bigger question for Alex Salmond is this – currency union by definition requires in essence fiscal partnership whereby the Bank of England will have direct control over an independent Scotland’s interest rates and borrowing capacity; is that the independence he seeks and indeed how does that enable Scotland to deliver his White Paper vision?

The supplementary question is of course plan B, but given that question was dodged so many times by Alex Salmond it seems pointless asking but we should, after all who knows if he really is right or wrong and we need to understand our options well.

The big question for Alistair Darling, the Conservatives, Labour and the LibDems is this – what is the consolidated offer the three parties will put concretely on the table for us Scots to consider BEFORE we vote. Alistair Darling knows we’ve been lied to before on this subject and it is incumbent upon him to lead all three parties to table a distinct, agreed offer that they will jointly honour of devo-max should the voters of Scotland vote no.

Otherwise, as per the currency issue, you are asking us to vote based on vague promises, promises that historically have been broken. You cannot possibly ask Scottish voters to place a double bet on a. who is next elected to govern the UK and b. on their ability to get legislation by the opposition to put in place whatever of the three distinct offers they support for devo-max. This is not credible.

Ultimately this isn’t about Salmond or Darling its about our grandchildren and their grandchildren. Forget who won the debate; let’s get serious answers to these serious questions after all Scotland and our future depends on it.

Sir Tom Hunter is an entrepreneur and philanthropist to download free a book on Scotland’s Decision analyzing the key questions go to


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