Sir Tom Hunter Opinion Piece in Sunday Mail

Sir Tom Hunter Opinion Piece in Sunday Mail

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David Bowie shouted out this week “Scotland stay with us!”

Osborne, Balls and Alexander are trying their best to see that wish through but it was the independent and objective views of Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England and Sir Nick Macpherson, Permanent Secretary to HM Treasury that for me shone clarity on the probability of a currency union after a yes vote.

Neither Carney nor Macpherson rule out a currency union but they stipulate with compelling evidence what would be needed to deliver such a union. Macpherson says; “I would advise strongly against a currency union as currently advocated…”

Carney identifies the key needs for an effective currency union requiring nations to “cede sovereignty and limit autonomy”. In other words we would not have the full independence a Yes vote seeks if we are to keep the pound.

So two highly respectable, independent and objective views combine to tell us in fact we can’t have our cake and eat it; it is beyond reasonable doubt.

That leads me at least to the conclusion that our First Minister either needs to renegotiate his position on currency union or give us a plan B. It is disingenuous for him to say to Scots in effect don’t worry it will be all right on the night when we’re taking the biggest decision of our lives. I have never negotiated without a plan B.

Equally Alexander, Balls and Osborne having told us what we cant have, owe it to the voters of Scotland to tell us what we can have.

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