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Last night’s opening statements in the debate could not be truer – Alex Salmond noted that he had to “win the hearts and minds of the people”; Alistair Darling that for Scotland “the stakes could not be higher”. Both true but did either of them win our minds?

Sadly both decided to avoid answering crucially important questions in this debate about currency, new powers if we stay in the Union and Scotland’s ability to go it alone.

On currency the crucial issue is of course Plan B but actually more importantly if we want currency union on the UK pound – if we remove ourselves from the UK – with that comes a series of questions;

1. Does that mean fiscal union; 2. The UK setting our interest rates 3. Our debt position and therefore 4. What’s new for an independent Scotland? We need those answers Alex Salmond.

Likewise Alistair Darling we need a defined, clear definition of what’s on offer to stay in the Union – what really are the new powers on offer?

And I take Salmond’s point about food banks but we can fix that tomorrow we don’t need Independence to do so, so let’s get on with it.

The low point for me, for such an important potentially country changing debate, was that Alex Salmond chose to take time and effort over Pandas, right hand side driving and outer space attacks.
Overall Alistair’s team set low expectations for him and he exceeded them. Alex’s team set the expectations high and I don’t think he hit them.

Ultimately this referendum is far, far more important than politicians; you could laugh at the stereotype of last night as two Scots arguing over a pound, but Scotland’s future is far from a laughing matter.

That’s why we set up to provide independent, objective advice – if you need it go there and download ‘Scotland’s Decision’ for impartial perspectives on the key questions around this vote. Scotland’s future is down to voters not politicians after all.

Sir Tom Hunter is an entrepreneur and philanthropist.



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