People decide, not politicians

People decide, not politicians

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Scotland’s fate is in your hands, thankfully not the politicians. When Alex Salmond said this was Team Scotland versus Team Westminster he was wrong, very wrong. Oh no the decision is way bigger than that – this is about you, your family and their offspring for generations to come.

This is about ordinary Scots taking an extraordinary decision whilst picking through unparalleled political spin. One side says black, the other white. The politicians have done democracy a disservice, it’s down to us to put that wrong right.

What is not in doubt is this – our National Heath Service is not under threat, nor is our ambition for a successful Scotland where all our citizens have the opportunity to succeed. That is in all of our hands -people make change not politicians.

But as we near the final, irreversible decision on Thursday let me remind you of two inconvenient truths. On currency, yes I know its boring but its fundamental to our economic and social futures, if as Alex has it we end up agreeing a currency union with rUK we will in absolute terms have to cede a raft of fiscal powers to rUK – is that the independence everyone voting yes expects?

Similarly as new powers are trumpeted by the unionist parties if we vote to stay in the Union we still don’t know what they are – this when 600 000 postal votes are already probably cast! I guess I expected more from the political establishment, but then I never expect much from politicians and am rarely disappointed.

On the 19th of September we will know Scotland’s future, your and my future in a nation we all love. On that day it will be down to every last one of us to come together to build that future for generations to come with ambition, determination and humility. Yes or no its about you and your family.


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