Currency Options for an Independent Scotland

Currency Options for an Independent Scotland

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Currency Options for an Independent Scotland today issued Part B of Professor Leslie Young of CKGSB’s analysis on currency options entitled “Economic Implications of Scotland’s Currency Options”.

Commenting on the analysis, Sir Tom Hunter who established to provide definitive analysis on the key issues in relation to the vote in order to inform debate noted;

“Professor Young’s analysis on this one narrow line of inquiry highlights the status quo as the best option for business. A currency union or any other form of currency solution should Scotland vote for independence creates uncertainty, risk and risk creates cost for business. This can and will impact upon capital deployment decisions going forward.

“However the currency question is only one aspect to our ability in business to take the right decision on independence and Professor Young has highlighted some downsides, what we now need to understand are the upsides so we can appropriately assess risk and reward.

“He also highlights precisely why both for Scotland and rUK that in the event of a vote for independence a currency union is by far the best option. Given the political manoeuvring around this subject I think he underscores the point that the independence vote is way too important to be left to the politicians alone…

“To be 100% clear Professor Young’s paper highlights some serious issues for all concerned and we remain committed to continuing to analyse the myriad issues that all add up to taking a decision based on facts, evidence and greater granularity of data to make as informed a decision we possibly can come the 18th of September, as of now I personally remain resolutely undecided.”

Currency Options for an Independent Scotland


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