Cataclysms and polls another weeks referendum

Cataclysms and polls another weeks referendum

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This week certainly kicked off with a bang as former Secretary General of NATO, Lord George Robertson entered the fray;

The loudest cheers for the break-up of Britain would be from our adversaries and from our enemies…For the second military power in the west to shatter this year would be cataclysmic in geo-political terms.

The SNP responded with a degree of shock to the tone and language used by former Labour Cabinet Minister Robertson:

By way of some potential clarity on the language, the Penguin English Dictionary defines cataclysm as “a momentus event marked by violent upheaval and destruction”…

Entering the fray we then saw the esteemed Royal Society of Edinburgh (“RSE”) and British Academy publish an informed tome on the serious issues around independence gleaned from some 45 non-aligned academics and public consultation.

As you’ll see from this interview with Sir John Arbuthnott, President of the RSE one key finding from their public consultation was, yes you guessed it, the public want more unbiased, evidence on the crucial issues facing Scotland to inform their decision making;

To read the full report click on:

Meanwhile a poll by currency transfer business, UK Forex suggested 42% of those living in rUK would transfer funds out of Scotland should independence become a reality. Indeed a majority were also not in favour of sharing the Pound; the question is do they know the consequences of that? Shortly we hope to provide an independent analysis over just that question…

To read more on the poll;

And to view the actual polling results click here;

However if that is taken as good news for no vote campaigners no doubt credit rating Fitch’s view on Britain’s credit rating was less welcome – in their view recovery of the AAA rating would take longer to recover if Scotland left the fold.

The UK Treasury claimed that Scotland would have the second highest budget deficit of the world’s leading economies at the date of independence.

Claim and counter claim. Where is the evidenced, reasoned debate voters across all of the UK deserve? We hope its coming.

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