Data, evidence and facts

This website has been established for one sole purpose – to provide those interested in voting in the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum with data, evidence and facts in relation to that vote.

The content on this website is not intended to influence in any way whether you vote yes or no to independence. It is however intended that it will provide you with more information – as objective as possible – in order to help you make as informed a decision as you can.

As a starting point to that process we have commissioned an exclusive poll to understand the challenges voters have in determining whether to vote yes or no to independence.


The poll

You can view the entire poll and the science behind that poll by clicking POLL or you can see a summary of results in our News section or by clicking SUMMARY

We are now considering the data from that poll and whether or not we should commission unimpeachable – as far as any source can be unimpeachable – research into the most important areas of concern  noted from this poll.


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