1000 or 1400 Reasons For Our Politicians And Government Officials To Show The Electorate Respect

1000 or 1400 Reasons For Our Politicians And Government Officials To Show The Electorate Respect

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We did say at the outset that on ScotlandSeptember18.com we would not comment one way or another on support for a Yes or No vote, merely present data, analysis and objectivity.

Today however with the Independence debate hitting a new low our Founder, Sir Tom Hunter offers this commentary on today’s outputs from both camps;

The 28th of May was supposedly the day we the voter were to gain clarity on the economic impact of independence in or out of the Union, sadly that day is passing and we’ve had none of the sort.

“What has been presented to us today is farcical (see analysis below) and how any undecided voter could pick through the claims and counter claims and make any sense of them is well beyond me. We as voters have been disrespected.”

“These are elected individuals who do Scotland and the UK a disservice, this isn’t some decision we can reverse tomorrow it’s the biggest decision in 307 years for Scotland.”

“Yet our leading politicians, officials and Treasury boffins have it that on the one hand we’re £1000 per individual better off independent and £ 1400 better off staying put. If this was a business and we left them to do the calculations we’d all be bust.”

“I truly believed we could have an honest, decent debate with integrity and answers for both the UK and Scottish citizens in order that we all in this Union understood the impact of staying together or separating – that clearly is not to be, based on today’s debacle.”

“Both camps in my view need to step up their game and answer the questions Scots need to make an informed decision – rhetoric, threats and promises from both sides are no good unless they are grounded in deep, unequivocal analysis that stands independent scrutiny. The Treasury analysis on the costs of setting up an independent Scotland borrow from Mickey Mouse, if this wasn’t so serious it would be funny.”

“For our own part we will provide a series of objective papers in partnership with the David Hume Institute in early July assessing the key questions you the voter have indicated you need answers to.”

“In the interim I believe our politicians and the public servants who are arming them with their data should take a cold hard look in the mirror and ask themselves am I serving democracy or obfuscating it? Voters need facts, evidence and answers – it doesn’t do that the Cabinet Secretary cant or wont answer the question how much will independence cost… Its time for everyone to recalibrate this debate.” Sir Tom Hunter an undecided Scot.

Today’s Update

The summary is in essence this – stay with the Union and you’ll be £1400 better off; vote for independence and you net £1000 as an individual with Scotland gaining a £5 billion windfall in 2029-30.

The evidence, should you care to read two markedly differing assumptions on Scotland’s future are contained in the Scottish and UK Government documents below.



On the costs of Scotland setting up on its own the HM Treasury firstly included the figure of £2.7 billion then in a volte face indicated that was an unofficial figure. You may ask why is a Government Department issuing unofficial figures?

They then issued the number of £1.5 billion after the assumptions they’d made on £2.7 billion were rounded upon by the economist who they based the numbers on, Patrick Dunleavy. Mr. Dunleavy a reputable LSE economist tweeted:

UK Treasury press release on #Scotland costs of government badly misrepresents LSE research.

HM Treasury then claimed the £1.5 billion was grounded in the work of one Professor Robert Young of Quebec… Professor Young took no time at all in telling the Financial Times that the estimate was not his but an extrapolation from top end estimates from academics researching the cost of Quebec separating from Canada. (I believe we are talking about Scotland voting on independence…)

You could not make this up. Meantime Cabinet Secretary John Swinney of the Scottish Government was asked several times on radio just how much it would cost to set up the machinery for an independent Scotland; unedifyingly there was no answer forthcoming.

To take a decision, I’m afraid we need answers…

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