Sir Tom Hunter

Scots are about to take the biggest decision of their lives in 300 years - a vote on independence, yes or no?

As an apolitical citizen of Scotland I am frankly of one mind; this decision is too important to leave to the politicians alone…Hence we need to be as informed as we can be to determine whether we vote yes or no - at this stage I am fundamentally undecided.

Through this website we are attempting to provide, for open debate and information; facts, evidence and data that I hope will help me and you make up our minds.

Everything you will read on this website will be evidenced based, researched and will not be for or against the argument. The information we present will be just that and it will be up to you to draw your own conclusions as to where that points to in your decision making on independence.

The one opinion you will read from me on this website is this – we Scots do not have enough information to determine if we are best voting yes or no at this stage; we need more information from both sides of the argument to draw any conclusions. And we need a grown up, informed, respectful debate.

As we shape what we do through the Scotland September 18 site we will regularly update you on what we are doing and the efficacy, validity and rigor undertaken therein in an open and honest manner.

Finally let me say this. Every man and woman in Scotland has a chance to shape our future with each vote they cast. I would implore you to participate in this, the biggest decision for our nation in 300 years.

To be clear I do not now believe a wealthy individual should use their position of power to influence voting intentions, hence whatever I decide to vote will never be made public.

As a starting point to our activities you will find an exclusive poll on voting intentions and concerns. We are currently reviewing this data with a view to determining our next activity – more from us soon.

I honestly hope this web site helps you in some way make up your mind – assuming you haven’t already. Whatever the outcome of the vote, its up to all of us to get behind the decision and move our great nation forward.

For Scotland



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